Chimpui (チンプイ) is an alien who meets Eri. He likes to eat ramen, a Japanese noodles. he gains energy from it and uses it for his powers. He usually uses it for Eri, other times he uses it for himself.

Character description Edit

Appearance Edit

Chimpui is a purple mouse with pink ears. His feet are pink as well, and the tip of his tail. He wears no clothes.

Relationships Edit

Eri Kasuga Edit

Eri is very friendly to Chimpui. But sometimes, because of Wandayuu, she gets angry at him. They usually play together, and often use flight. Like Uchiki, Eri cares for him and worry about him when he is gone.

Wandayuu Edit

Chimpui works for Wandayuu. He follows his orders sometimes, but one time Wandayuu forced chinpui to leave Eri as part of his plan, but Eri heard about the plan because of Chimpui.

Uchiki Shō Edit

Chinpui and Uchiki are friends.When Chinpui runs away from Eri's house, he goes to him. Uchiki likes Chimpui and, unlike Eri, never gets mad at him.


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